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Our methods are characterised by a constructive and critical approach of organisational issues. We look for feasible, multi-disciplinary and realistic solutions in cooperation with our clients. The limits of the solution are determined by the ambitional level of the clients and their current competences. This is reflected in our logo, where the ochre coloured arrows operate with the clients' diamond.


Strategic issues
 Vision & positioning
 Collaboration & mergers
 Governance & organization
 Strategic planning

Organizational issues
 Strategy implementation
 Management issues
 Realization of change
 Improvement of performance on group and individual level (measurement and intervention)

We are convinced that structural value creation is a result of an integrated approach of organisational issues. This belief is translated into a multi-disciplinary approach to assignments. Our professionals have a primary professional expertise in addition to a general business background.

If you have an academic degree, at least seven years of working experience and you are interested in a dynamic and inspiring environment, please contact us: info@va-p.nl

Interim Management and Consulting
Van Assem & Partners combines temporary management and consulting to solve strategic and complex management issues. Together with our clients we advise and implement.

We aim for the creation of value for our clients. Our effort and commitment will lead to sustainable improvement. We achieve this by working together with the client to realise growth potential and identify real actions. We will not avoid creative and/or unconventional methods.

We work with own professionals and a network of advisors and managers in specific markets. People who work for us are convinced that our clients value professional skills and sincere commitment. A high level of integrity and mutual trust are required for this.

In our work we use generally accepted management concepts and best practices. Together with our expertise and experiences, these provide us with the ability to translate the clients' ambitions into realistic and durable changes.

Added value
Our added value is to bring your business to the next level. To achieve this we work according to a number of principles: 1. Custom work: our approach is based on your specific situation, needs and critical formulation of the issue. 2. Security and trust: we want you to be able to share your information and worries in a safe ambiance. 3. Sustainable long term relationship: we offer you no short term successen, but growth and trust for the long term.

Success monitoring®
Guarantee of success of our services is shaped by:

Development capabilities
We carefully pay attention to the balance between capitalising on present capabilities and innovation. The effort put into everyday challenges and the creation of tomorrow’s success are kept in pace.

Offer: quick, flexible and quality
We work with own professionals and a network of selected advisors and managers out of different markets. We know these persons from previous jobs, so we can guarantee their quality, expertise and work method according to our principles.

Board of Advisors
Prominent key players from both public sector and private sector are represented in our Board of Advisors. The Board enlarges our range. It gives insight into current developments and issues within specific environments. The Board is critical of maintaining the high level of quality of our services. Finally, it offers an extraordinary opportunity to require new insights by discussing complicated issues elaborately and in depth.

Supervision and quality control
Our consultants are supported in the background by their colleagues in all their assignments. Through internal supervision we continuously improve the achievements of our people in a structured manner. This is how we maintain the high quality of the outcome of the assignment. We also verify progress and quality together with the client to manage adjustments if necessary.

Training Programme
We are convinced that succesful assignments are dependant on professional skills, experience and personality. Furthermore, we believe that committed people are able to inspire clients to shift their boundaries. We therefore use a tailor-made internal training programme which supports our people with tools to excel.

Characteristics employees
Besides knowledge and experience, personality and engagement are also important to inspire clients to move their boundaries and to fulfil jobs successfully. This is why we select our people on the following characteristics: sensitive, analytical, development oriented, professional integrity and ability to generate impact.